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Goretti Publications

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Goretti Publications wishes that without the blessing of God nothing that we do should ever come to fruition. We wish that our publications and efforts for the glory of God should be merely an extension of our own interior lives, and we know that without being such an extension, if they are merely external works, they will be of no good to anybody. Consequently we dedicate everything we do, first and last, beginning and ending, to Christ Our True God, Who blesses us each day with His True Presence.

We do this by means of the dedication at the top of every one of our pages, every one of our pamphlets, and included in every one of our books. For the webpages and the pamphlets, that dedication is simply a cross on top of the letters "AMDG." This dedication is shorthand for the Latin ad majorem Dei gloriam, which means "for the greater glory of God." All of our works are intended for that purpose. We pursue this dedication, for the greater glory of God, in several ways, of course, but in one primary and overarching way.

The first is that our more prolific works, the apologetical pamphlets, are unsigned. Partly this is because they are the fruit of multiple authors' work and consequently could not be signed except by an additional pamphlet at least as long as the pamphlet itself. Partly this is also because Goretti Publications wishes to stand by those documents as a whole, rather than simply relying on individual authors to defend and improve them. Primarily, however, they are unsigned because we wish to prove to God and ourselves that our efforts are not for our own glory, but for His, and we wish therefore to claim no credit for ourselves for the works which we were only able to do by His grace. The books and articles, of course, must be signed; they are far too large and generally far too controversial to be treated this way, and an author who refused to sign such works would be considered a coward rather than dedicated to the kingdom of the Lord. They, however, also contain either this dedication or a similar one; our authors all wish to work not for themselves, but for the God Who made them.

The primary way, however, is by ensuring that every work we publish contains somewhere either this or some similar dedication to the glory of God. It is not enough that an author privately acknowledge his debt to the Savior and Creator of all; he must publicly acknowledge it, and declare to all along with St. Thomas Aquinas that his work is nothing but straw. For without God, it is entirely useless; but with him even men might do miracles. Goretti Publications hopes to bring men to the Faith; with God's guidance and with Him as our end, we can help guide men into His grace.